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Raising Funds 101: The Basic Glossary

To be honest, Almost everything I know about raising funds is because of stories like this one from Buffer (How they raised 3,5 millions in funding)

So I decided to take a step forward and learn a few things about the basic glossary that any entrepreneur should manage about an Investment Term Sheet, at least for a first meeting with a potential investor.

Here is what I learned :)

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Resilience: The base of the entrepreneurial DNA

After a few, but intense, weeks away from the paper, where we made public the first beta of SlidePick. I can come back here and finally say to the world that we have a Startup (amazing post about this by @matthewkremer).

During this time I had the chance to reflect about the work I was doing, the decisions I’ve made to fulfill this dream. Trying to recap the teachings that I’ve learned from the amazing people I’ve met during this time.

In this process of decomposing my entrepreneurial DNA, one word constantly appeared on my thoughts…



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