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Raising Funds 101: The Basic Glossary

To be honest, Almost everything I know about raising funds is because of stories like this one from Buffer (How they raised 3,5 millions in funding)

So I decided to take a step forward and learn a few things about the basic glossary that any entrepreneur should manage about an Investment Term Sheet, at least for a first meeting with a potential investor.

Here is what I learned :)

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4 things I was scared that could have killed my startup

Last year I started working on my first startup (SlidePick). That was the first time I probably heard the word “startup”…So yeah, I’m not what you could call an “expert” (I don’t even believe in that word).

Starting wasn’t easy. As a new founder there were 4 factors that frightened me the most (and still do) which I thought they could have killed my startup…Or maybe they will.


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Design + Lean = Thinking Startup

Last week three entrepreneurial monsters sat down to chat about Lean Startup and Design Thinking. Here is a glance about what the conversation was about and how these two process can converge in amazing outcomes.


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