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The World Cup, Germany and their 5 lessons

After 31 days of passion, emotions, tears and joy, the football world cup has his new champion, the Germany team. A champion that has taught us valuable lessons that we can apply in our daily work as entrepreneurs and founders.


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Empowered to create and share

We were born to create, it’s part of our history and our DNA. But it seems that we have forgotten this…Rather, we have hidden it.


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In the seek of guidance

“A man’s pride can be his downfall, and he needs to learn when to turn to others for support and guidance “Bear Grylls

Being an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like a lonely and tough journey…We all need some guidance.


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So, you want to Startup?


A couple of months ago I started working in my first Startup (SlidePick) and to be honest, I had no fucking idea about what I was doing, I didn’t even know what the word Startup stand for. So I think you can imagine how lost I felt when I started this journey.

But it was something that it just felt right. That feeling in your guts (Yes, that one you feel right now) telling you to dream, to imagine, to innovate, to create…To Startup.


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Tales of a GeekCamp

Last week me with SlidePick, and others 70 startups, we were part of the sixth version of the “GeekCamp” Santiago, Chile. An incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs, from Chile and the rest of the world, to show and share their ideas and startups to an incredible audience and an excellent jury. Which came directly from Silicon Valley to evaluate each project and select the top 15 for entering to an accelerating program and a one month trip to Silicon Valley, to pitch for possible investors. A rare opportunity for us in this small country at the end of the world. [zilla_likes] Continue reading

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