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“Roll the Dice” – Charles Bukowski

I just wanted to share this poem by Charles Bukowski.

North American writer and poet, who has inspired creatives from around the world…Now is the turn for entrepreneurs to be inspired by his words.

To go all the way…



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Creativity ®

“I’m just not the creative type”

So we have this terrible, big and absolutely wrong misconception about what it’s creativity and how it works…All summed in one phrase. This idea that creativity is a “Trademark” exclusively for some people, who are born with this divine gift. For the rest of us is nothing left more than the illusion of being part of this exclusive “club” and to admire the ones who are there.

But I will prove you wrong! And that’s the fundamental base of this post. To erase this misconception and set the ground for you to explore your creative side and to change the way you approach, at the end, to life itself.


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One mindset to rule them all

¿How many times you told yourself that you weren’t good enough? ¿How many times you avoid changes, difficulties or criticism? or ¿How many time you think about quiting?…Questions that appears quite often in all kind of entrepreneurs.


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