We were born to create, it’s part of our history and our DNA. But it seems that we have forgotten this…Rather, we have hidden it.


The sad truth

Today we live in societies where everything works for masses and large groups of people, where we went from being single individuals to being part of a system that standardizes and homogenizes. We become a statistic, one more consumer, one more of the thousands of employees of the company, just another member of the family, a name in millions of others names who lives a normal life within the average and the rutine.

Our name seems to be the only thinmother-nature-17497-1920x1080g that survives death, and just for some time. The only “legacy” that we have for offer…Memory is fragile.

We were told in school that the most important things that we had to learn was math, language or science. But art, music, design, creativity were just a complement, nothing serious for our future.

We were told that we were wrong. They told us that we weren’t doing things as it should. They laughed about us and told us to conformed with what we have.

We were told that only 1% of the world population were geniuses able to create companies like Apple, art like Picasso, music like Beethoven or inventions like Thomas Edison. They told us that all the things that impressed us in our life were created by people better than us.

It was not worth trying to get there, we would not be able.

“Chances are that you’re not one of them, don’t even try. The best thing you can do is to follow this path like everyone else “

Day by day we lose our identity, what makes us unique and special. All in exchange for securing our future with the least possible risk.

Every day we buried our creative impulses, our need to create and share it to the world. Because we have no time, because of what others might think, because it is likely we will fail.

We prefer to hide in the crowd, instead to share that which makes us unique and leave our legacy. Our ability to create.

Wise Mother Nature


Has been responsible, generation by generation, in enduring our legacy. Revitalize and propel our creativity as makers, sharing the result to the world. Making us unique one more time.

The act of procreation, raise and build a legacy through our children is ultimately, the greatest act of creation, creativity and impact that any human being can make. Is the basis of everything that defines us as people.

Nature gives us a blank canvas, which we are responsible to work and transform. We become artists without us noticing, reminding us that the ability to create is what defines us as human beings, which is found intrinsically in each one of us.

It is a wake up call…

A life of blank canvases to paint

Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you.
—Steve Jobs

Think about this a second …

The moment when you internalize this, its when you can start changing your life and the life of those . YOU are the only one able to create your reality, you are responsible to shape your life. You are empowered to create and share.

The hardest part is starting, to break the mold and end the routine. Where do I start? Am I good enough or do I have the necessary experience? Is people going to like what I do? This are part of the fears that paralyze us and where we can deepen and work.



Let’s paint by parts

The process of creating is as wide as the number of people who inhabit this planet, it comes in many forms and covers thousands of topics. Art, music, writing, innovation, are those most common themes.

Each one of us is a unique individual, with dreams and motivations totally different from others. So there is no magic formula or a “step by step” book to see how to start this creation process.

But there are personal experiences, tales and stories of lots of people who have managed to begin this process. So a very good way to start would be understanding how they started, and see where we have common ground to start working. Medium is an amazing platform to find these kind stories.

There seems to be a factor that is constantly repeated and in my experience is one of the keys to go:

Take a leap of faith



In my case, the need to create comes from discovering what entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity can generate in the lives of people. As through my actions I can contribute to the lifes of millions, make this world a better place to live in.

That is my canvas, that is the reality that I’m building. Daring to challenge and Change Status Quo and get away from what is considered “common”

But I’m not an expert…

And thats a problem? We all start knowing nothing. Nobody is born with a divine skills in things like “Development of cryptographic algorithms” (well, I doubt it). Everything is based on the effort, enthusiasm and long-term vision that we put into our work.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

We all sucks in the beginning, is not easy to be good at something and takes time. But that same time will make you grow day by day, failure will form your character and will fill you out with experience, which ultimately, will transform your work and you as a person.

The best source of learning is found in the feedbacks and comments made by the person in front of you.

In my case, I became interested in the world of entrepreneurship a little over a year ago, and about 6 months ago I started my first startup. Last month I created my first blog (before this I had never written in a weekly basis) to help entrepreneurs and early founders in their development process based on my little experiences in some of the same situation. So, I’m a expert on entrepreneurship? Not at all…

“I’m not an expert on anything” is just a cheap excuse … you know it.

Don’t try to be an expert, just tries to be helpful for the people who are listening and learning from you.

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” – Phil Collins

I doubt people will like what I’m doing…

Don’t take the first step thinking about creating something for others, start by creating things for yourself. You are your first audience, take it as a form of expression and a way of leaving a mark on the road you’re scrolling through.

Begins this process as a way to understand and learn from yourself. Get to know, what are your motivations and dreams that take you to do what you are doing, what is your vision for the future of what you’re doing, and gradually start understanding for whom you are doing this.

It is impossible to connect with other people without first connecting with ourself. Take your time, learn from the process and grow by doing what you love.

I started my blog a month ago and I am in a process of knowing my abilities as a writer and content creator which should be relevant to the public that I aspire to reach. I do not have many visitors daily, but it makes me happy to know that even now there are people reading and recommending my stories. Although my skills as a writer or entrepreneur are not as good as a expert.

Therefore, never do something thinking about what others might think about it. Just do it, and see what are the result of your actions. You never know when it’s your turn to get known, but you must be creating and sharing something in order to make this happen.

The best thinking has been done in solitude. The worst has been done in turmoil. -Thomas A. Edison

the maker

it’s time…

It’s time to listen what we have to say and show us to the world through what we have created.

F**k off the Status Quo.

Don’t ever let again to someone tell you what you can do or not. Build your life upon the search of happiness and seek through thousands roads towards that goal.

The purest way to meet someone is through their work. Begins to leave your legacy in this life and share it with the world, so it can last forever.

History is told by the ones who make the choice to create and share…You have a blank canvas to start.

Will you?



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