Building a Startup is much more about learning than succeeding, much more about the relationships with your teammates or your costumers than fund rising or VC’s…

With SlidePick I’ve learned that it is more about building yourself than a product.

And that’s the key factor. Your startup is, as humans to the image of god (some people would say), a reflect of yourself and the mark you want to leave in this world.


Don’t build a brand. Build a legacy

As  Gary Vaynerchuk, an amazing entrepreneur and writer, would say…

“Legacy is greater than currency”

And I could add that Legacy is the ultimate reason on why we’re entrepreneurs. Almost every entrepreneur starts this quest in a search of something bigger than just founding a company or the wealth and fame that this road can bring to a few ones.

We go “All the way” because of the urgency we feel in our guts to leave a lasting tribute. A long term vision, which usually gets out of focus because of our day a day work where we must fight against all odds to get our Startup off the ground.

Focus on the long term vision…On the Why, on How and to Whom I’m leaving my mark.

A very good excercise that I heard from Javier Irarrazaval (@jirarrazaval) a few weeks back, was to write once a week or a month, the letter that you would like to hear in your funeral. That letter in which you are described by who you were, by how you affected the people around you and what is that you’re leaving in this world.


If you do this exercise right now, would you feel that what you are writing on that letter is really how you want to be remembered like?…Let’s try again, again and again until your last day.

That long term vision is the legacy that you are building right now around yourself…

“If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

The value of transparency

In order to be true to yourself, you must be true to the eyes of others…

Set the values and passions that rule your way of thinking, share those ideas with others so you can start learning from every experience. Build yourself and your reputation around your true self, that’s the most interesting person you can be.

“The foundation of personal branding rests on authenticity: The ability to tap into your genuine, humble, and individual human qualities from which your identity, personality, and character stem.” -Lida Citroen (@LIDA360)

Be transparent about who you are, what you do and why you do it. Be open to talk about your failures as well as your successes, nobody feels related to perfection.

“You were born to be real, not perfect”

And one of the most important things for me. If you are trying to inspire people with this legacy that you are building, don’t ever miss the chance to help them out to build their own one.

 This is about you..

Not about your ego, personal branding or whatever other thing that you could hear on this noisy entrepreneurial community.

Work hard on yourself and become the person with who you want to leave a mark on this world. Remember that your startup culture and brand is just a manifestation of this legacy that you are building.

You can see how this is truly related by the amazing results the  Buffer team have had building their company under this concept. They are Startup that I deeply admire.

Start starting-up yourself!

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