After a few, but intense, weeks away from the paper, where we made public the first beta of SlidePick. I can come back here and finally say to the world that we have a Startup (amazing post about this by @matthewkremer).

During this time I had the chance to reflect about the work I was doing, the decisions I’ve made to fulfill this dream. Trying to recap the teachings that I’ve learned from the amazing people I’ve met during this time.

In this process of decomposing my entrepreneurial DNA, one word constantly appeared on my thoughts…



The Meaning

This time I thought it was all about actions

Preparing the launch, gathering the data, asking for feedback, talking with our users, solving problems, fixing bugs and so on. I spent almost every day reading about launching processes, the importance of traction (This is an amazing book) and which could be the best channel for us to get our first thousand users.

But I didn’t realize (until now) that in this process, what was defining me as a entrepreneur wasn’t my constant search for perfection and amazing numbers. What was defining me was my reaction to the cold reality…My resilience to this new and hard experience.

Noun; The power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., afterbeing bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity.

In the essence of entrepreneurship

Become a entrepreneur sounds sexy…but is not.

The guys from AirBnB had to sell cereal to live by. Until they iterated to the amazing company they are today…That’s resilience.

Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. Less than 10 years after, he founded NeXT and the world famous animation studio Pixar…That’s resilience.

We hear almost every time just one side of the story, the side of the winners. But almost every successful entrepreneur have failures and mistakes on his back, they have lived the loneliness of this process, the endurance and hard work of the journey…Resilience is part of their and our everyday life, is part of their DNA.

This is the key to achieve success, not only in business, but in life…

Starting a business and building your life around this experience can be overwhelming, especially the first time. That’s why not everyone is born to do this and even less are successful doing it.

You must have the guts to overcome the bad days and the foot on the ground to celebrate each little triumph…But the most important is to never lose sight on track.

As Bruce Lee said…


When we understand that this is how the game is played, resilience turns to be our most valuable card.


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