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In the seek of guidance

“A man’s pride can be his downfall, and he needs to learn when to turn to others for support and guidance “Bear Grylls

Being an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like a lonely and tough journey…We all need some guidance.


The learning process and path as a entrepreneur is one of the hardest one. Is one where you have to face yourself, your fears, your failures and your realities. A constant fight against pride, arrogance, vanity, doubt and all those feelings that are constantly haunting us down during our journey.

Many times we hit against problems or situation that, because of our little expertice or unknowing, feels like we have fail or that is no way to solve it…”We weren’t born to do this” is something we might think quite often.

Just as Luke in the Star Wars series, he recognizes that he cannot achieve his true potential without some guidance and training. He needs someone to provide direction and practical knowledge in his search to become a Jedi knight.

You are not alone on this. You have the obligation and the challenge to seek for help and guidance! There is a Yoda out there waiting for your arrival.



Since the first days of human history, mentors have played a significant roll by providing guidance and wisdom, directing us along the journey of our lives.

If you are looking for a mentor, the best way to start is to realize that today you are Mr. Nobody (A hard thing to admit for us, entrepreneurs) and that you have to climb your way up from the bottom. Reach your friends, family and known people who could help you to start. Ask questions, ask alot! Dont be ashamed to show you as inexperienced and rookie. We all have been there and done that.

“If you come off as someone who knows everything—or thinks you do—many people will back away. If you want to learn, be willing to consider ideas that may not match your expectations or opinions.”

At this point any place is good to start. Online courses, meetups or workshops at your city can be a great way to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and people in your same situation. BUT watch out to become addicted to this kind of meetings and less to work!

For me, the mentors with whom I have worked with during this time, they have had a profound impact in my personal and business development. They have taught me to take advantage of opportunities and my strengths, learn from my mistakes and weaknesses, deal with adversity, grow as leader and a better human being.

As a personal experience, last year I participate in the Lean Startup Machine at my city and also in BOMBAcamp . One of the best things that I could ever have done, literally changed my perspective about how to start a business and validate the ideas, this year I will in the mentors team in the LSM and I started my first Startup after the BOMBAcamp experience.  So if I did it, you are more than capable!

Also a great experience I had this year was an online course from the MIT “Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your costumer?” I have to say that it really surprised me how good the course was designed and how well each class was explained, the guys from the MIT did an incredible job! 110% recommended for all entrepeneurs, beginers or not (A special thanks to @erdinb and @BillAulet)

“Every person that you meet knows something you don’t; learn from them.”  ― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Take this words thoughtfully, they mean it…But you have to be open to take each one of those opportunities and be willing to hear each of those comments.

The posibilities today are endless to meet with mentors or advisors that you can reach and talk to. The social tools like Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook are the perfect places to meet thousand of new entrepreneurs…You have no excuses! It is you, your willingness and motivation to get to know them.


But maybe you are asking “which kind of people I should be looking for?”. Well, there is not a best answer for this. This depends and varies with each person, but here are some good insights;

As Amy Errett said in the Wharton Magazine

Mentors provide three main benefits to entrepreneurs as they build their high-growth start-ups into successful companies.

1. Mentors open doors. A good mentor will introduce you to the right people to accelerate your business objectives.

2. Mentors are great coaches. Instead of “giving advice,” mentors encourage and coach, giving you an outside perspective and fresh eyes to a problem or challenge.

3. Mentors hold you accountable. Instead of “telling you what to do,” mentors help you set key objectives and then hold you accountable to executing against them.

Look for someone with insider perspective, with a clear set of specific skills and a vast network. Build a relationship hold in mutal respect and trust, but most important, a relationship sustained in learning and growth.

Having a mentor or maybe a few of them with whom you can talk and work with, can be a critical point not only for your startup, but for your life as a entrepreneur.

“Advice is cheap, but mentorship is worth its weight in gold.”

So, get out there and look for someone who can be a real value for you. And one day, maybe, you will be the one sit at the other side of the chair helping some new entrepreneurs and founders.


I would love to catch up with you and know about your experience! @mati_honorato or at

Any grammar, spelling or punctuation mistake, please let me know. So I can keep improving my english…my best to all of you! :)



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  1. La busqueda de la Guia , puede ser interior o exterior, abrir la escucha y el corazón permite encontrar el camino, sabias reflexiones Mati.

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